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Here at Next Level Trading Newsletter, we specialize in short-term trading ideas.  This has been my time-tested, proven, successful strategy and I now share my strategies and trading ideas with all newsletter subscribers.  Since we started NextLevelTrading, our stock-picking strategy has outperformed all indices. To maximize returns I do not believe in holding positions for more than a few months. Many times we exit the trade after a few weeks, for a very nice profit. Our expertise lies in recognizing when to wait on the sidelines, then when to jump in, then when to close out. Remember, knowing when to get out is equally as important as knowing when to get in. We now share all of this world class market-timing expertise with our subscribers.

As a long time market-maker in the derivatives industry, I have two decades worth of successful trading experience. Next Level Trading excels at identifying stocks ready to move in our favor. My trading style is unique, and as you will see, often very profitable. I lead a small team of seasoned traders and support personnel focusing on managing our current positions, as well as researching potential new trades.

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~ William S.